Extract and scrape web data from any website

Web scraping is a technique employed to extract large amounts of data from websites whereby the data is extracted and saved to a local file in your computer or to a database in table (spreadsheet) format. Whether you’re looking to collect data from one website or a hundred websites, our web-scraping platform scales to your needs and is configured to collect exactly the data you need. New Line Web Design will ensure your data acquisition is hassle free, making sure all of your requirements are met and that all of your questions are answered.

Data displayed by most websites can only be viewed using a web browser. They do not offer the functionality to save a copy of this data for personal use. The only option then is to manually copy and paste the data - a very tedious job which can take many hours or sometimes days to complete. Web scraping is the technique of automating this process, so that instead of manually copying the data from websites, New Line Web Design can perform the same task within a fraction of the time and deliver the data to you in whatever format you need.

Many of our web scraping projects involve scraping the products off manufacturer's websites (including the images) and then importing them onto our client's website so instead of our clients having to pay for hundreds of hours of data entry (which would also entail human error), we can help our clients save time and money by adding these products in a fraction of the cost and time.