Website Support & Maintenance

A team in your corner can help keep you moving forward. Our team supports you after the launch of your website and is available for ongoing website enhancements and consulting.

73% of our clients work with us on multiple projects

We support our clients with honest guidance and collaboration. Use us for the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you know best.

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Website Assessment

It’s important to start with a baseline for the current state of your website. Focus areas are security, design, marketing, hosting, technology and search engine optimization.

Setup + Support

Every client receives free source control management (SCM) to keep your source code safe. Backups are verified and website publishing best practices are in place.

Monitor + Report

Every month website support clients receive a report of the work performed. For very active clients, regular meetings are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is website support & maintenance?

Support plans are intended to provide our customers with someone to call when they need help. The type of help we provide depends on your needs, the full suite of our capabilities is available to you. It could be graphic design services, web development, digital marketing support or general consulting. Ask us, we are here to help.

When is the right time to purchase website support?

We encourage all of our customers to carry a support agreement with us at all times. Our team wants to help in real-time and it’s much simpler when a support program is in place. Our team strives to help and be helpful, it’s easier to do that when a contract doesn’t get in the way.  If you don’t have one, that’s okay, it’s never too late to put one in place. 

What kind of attention will I receive from website support services?

By design our support services are reactive. When there is a request, we respond. Our team is instructed to respond to new requests within hours and provide a plan to complete the request within 24 hours. You can view support plans below.

I just built my website, do I also need a website support package?

It’s our recommendation that even when a new website is launched that a support agreement is put in place. The team is already in together, everyone is familiar with the project and with many digital initiatives, many times the launch of a new website is just the beginning. Once it’s launched, it’s time to put it to work.

Are you ready to be supported?

A good partner will work hard to earn your trust. They will collaborate with you and help achieve your goals.

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